How to Clean a Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is the perfect addition to an electric adjustable bed. Combining the functionality of a reclining electric bed with the comfort of a memory foam mattress, you’ll get the best night’s sleep possible!

But remember – it’s important to keep your mattress clean and in good condition. We’ve put together some of our top tips to help you maintain your memory foam mattress properly. 

Read Care Instructions 

If you are unsure of how to clean a memory foam mattress, the care instruction label is a good place to start. Here you’ll find useful information on what to do and more importantly, what not to do with your mattress, such as using inappropriate cleaning methods or products.

At Grosvenor Mobility, we moreover refuse the ‘one size fits all’ approach – meaning it’s not just our adjustable beds that are made to measure. Instead, we offer all customers several options, including a luxury memory reflex, reflex, or pocket sprung mattress. These are all designed to aid those using an adjustable bed, whether by distributing your body weight evenly or offering freedom of movement – with an ultimate focus on ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible! 

How to Wash a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Most memory foam mattresses are accompanied by a mattress protector or cover. To learn how to clean a memory foam mattress topper, read the care label first. These are easily removable and are usually machine washable, so you can easily freshen the covers up before putting them back on the bed.

After you check the care instructions, you’ll know if your protector can be put in the wash. If not, then use the following tips to clean the protector as you would the mattress! 

Mattress topper

Clean Stains with Detergent and Water

Before cleaning a stain from your mattress, it’s important that you keep the mattress as dry as possible. This is because getting the material wet can lead to the foam filling becoming damaged. 

To avoid ruining your mattress, mix water with gentle detergent in a spray bottle to lightly mist the stained area. Next, pat and dab the stained area with a cloth to remove the stain. 

Remember – it’s best to tackle stains as soon as possible, as they’re easier to lift when they’re fresh and still wet. To be sure it’s safe to use detergent on your mattress, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

How to Clean Urine from a Memory Foam Mattress

Urine can be a tougher stain than most to get out, especially if it’s had some time to set in. To tackle this, you’ll need to know how to clean a memory foam mattress with baking soda and some chemical cleaning solutions. 

To remove the stain, fill a spray bottle with three tablespoons of baking soda, 240ml hydrogen peroxide, and a few drops of washing-up liquid or detergent. Spray this mixture on the stained area and wait for it to dry. 

When dried, you can use a vacuum to remove the baking soda, and a damp cloth to clean off the products. This will help to clean the stain and the baking soda helps to remove any smell left behind. If the smell persists, put more baking soda over the whole mattress, and let it sit for 10 hours before vacuuming. These steps should prepare you on how to clean urine from your memory foam mattress correctly. 

Keep the Memory Foam Mattress Dry 

As mentioned, keeping your mattress dry is important to keep memory foam filling pristine. After cleaning your mattress, leave it uncovered to air dry for a few hours. Make sure it’s completely dry before putting any bedding back on!

 If your house is cold or damp, put the heating on or use a dehumidifier in the room while the mattress dries. Failure to adequately dry the mattress could even lead to mould or mildew buildup. 

Vacuum Your Memory Foam Mattress

You should vacuum your memory foam mattress after cleaning it or changing the bedding. Vacuuming helps to remove dirt, dead skin or hair, creating a clean surface for the fresh bedding. Whether your bed is created from modern memory foam or traditional pocketed springs, both are vacuum-friendly! 

Keep Bedding Clean 

Regularly changing and washing your bedding will help to maintain the cleanliness of your mattress. Washing bedding on a high heat will kill bacteria, and let your mattress stay in top condition for longer. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to maintain your memory foam mattress for years to come, revelling in the luxury and support that they offer. 

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