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Finding the best recliner chair for arthritis or low mobility is essential to help soothe and relieve your symptoms.

Whether you are an elderly individual wanting to relax, and seeking the best living room chair for arthritis, or a working professional that requires a set up that puts less pressure on your joints, Grosvenor Mobility has put together a guide on finding your perfect seat. 

What is Arthritis?

Studies have revealed that more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from arthritis. The common condition causes pain, swelling and inflammation in the joints, and is often experienced most prominently in major joints such as the hands, hips, and knees. 

As a result of its localisation to these key points, this chronic condition can unfortunately dramatically impact an individual’s mobility levels. Subsequent problems range from stiffness through to severe joint pain.  

In this article, we will explore the definition of arthritis and provide an overview of its symptoms, causes, and treatments. We will also delve into the impact of arthritis on daily life and discuss various management strategies to help those living with this condition maintain their quality of life.  

Whether you are seeking to learn more about arthritis for personal knowledge or to support a loved one dealing with this condition, this article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of arthritis and its effects.  

Types of Arthritis

There are two main types of arthritis – Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. 

Osteoarthritis involves the cartilage that surrounds your bones starting to break down, causing friction. Alternatively, Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease wherein your immune system begins to attack your joints, with the lining of your joints often the first place impacted.  

Other, less common types of arthritis include:  

  • Septic arthritis  
  • Thumb arthritis  
  • Gout  
  • Fibromyalgia  
  • Lupus  
  • Childhood arthritis  
  • Reactive arthritis  
  • Psoriatic arthritis  
  • Juvenile idiopathic arthritis  
  • Osteonecrosis  
  • Ankylosing spondylitis  

Symptoms of Arthritis

Symptoms can vary between individuals and their severity is dependent on the type of arthritis you suffer from, in addition to your inflammation or cartilage degradation levels. 

For those suffering from Osteoarthritis, the main symptoms are as follows:  

  • Joint pain  
  • Grating joints  
  • A lack of systematic symptoms, such as a fever or fatigue 
  • Stiffness in joints  
  • Localised pain  

Alternatively, the symptoms for Rheumatoid Arthritis are usually as follows:  

  • Pain across the body, particularly in symmetrical joints  
  • Stiffness of joints, in the morning  
  • Swelling and warmth in joints  
  • Fatigue  
  • Weakness  
  • Alternative symptoms, such as suffering from a fever or experiencing weight loss  

Regardless of the type of arthritis you suffer from, key problems are always likely to revolve around stiffness, pain, and inflammation in your joints. If you are experiencing any of the above, it is worth reaching out to your GP for a potential diagnosis. 

As an early diagnosis can help to delay the progression of the disease, particularly in the case of Rheumatoid Arthritis, this is especially important. 

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Causes of Arthritis

As there are so many types of arthritis, there is no ‘unique’ cause of the disease.   

However, there are several common factors, such as:  

  • Genetics  
  • Your age  
  • Obesity  
  • Autoimmune state  
  • Injuries  
  • Infection  

 Treatment for Arthritis

The treatment you use for arthritis will vary depending on the type of arthritis you suffer from. However, common approaches include:  

  • Medication, such as pain relievers  
  • Physical therapy to improve your joint flexibility  
  • Lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and regularly exercising 
  • Surgery to replace any problematic joints  
  • Pursuing an anti-inflammatory diet  

Choosing The Best Recliner Chair for Arthritis Sufferers

With the symptoms, causes and treatments for arthritis unique to every individual, there is – sadly – no ‘one product fits all’ approach. 

The first thing to consider is the intent of the seat. For example, the best living room chair for arthritis sufferers is likely to be a riser recliner, as these are comfortable, practical and relieve pressure on your joints, especially when sitting for extended periods of time.  

Alternatively, the best chair for an arthritis sufferer to work in is likely to be an ergonomic chair, or a seat that includes a headrest, to provide maximum support. 

To help you, we have conducted a deep dive into some of the most crucial factors when selecting your chair. 

Seat Height

Seat height is especially important to consider for those with impacted mobility. Selecting a seat with the appropriate height is important to avoid experiencing pain or discomfort, especially in your knees and hips. 

Rise and recliner chairs are therefore the best option for many individuals – especially for arthritis sufferers looking for the ideal living room chair, as they will be likely to spend prolonged periods of time here.  

You should additionally consider things such as your specific needs. For example, a taller individual will require a higher seat, while a shorter individual might want a seat that is situated further down. Luckily, you can purchase orthopaedic rise and recliner chairs that are specifically suited to your own unique needs, and Grosvenor even provides a one-of-a-kind, free, no obligation home trial for our products. 

Adjustable Armrests

When purchasing a new chair, or their first seat, many individuals fail to consider the armrests on their unit. However, selecting appropriate, adjustable armrest is a terrific way to find a comfortable position when sitting in a seat, in addition to promoting proper posture and reducing any strain on your shoulders and neck. 

This could be particularly important when selecting the best living room chair for arthritis sufferers, as sitting in a seat that does not properly support you for a lengthy period could have several consequences for your arthritis. 

Adjustable armrests are moreover a key feature of any ergonomic seating, helping to distribute the weight of your body evenly and reduce any risk of discomfort or even injury. As such, while you will want to consider these armrests for a living room chair, they are paramount for people who spend prolonged periods of time completing tasks while sitting at a desk or in front of a computer. 

While you might consider adjustable armrests to be unsightly, modern design means these can be seamlessly incorporated into any unit, such as The Claridge riser recliner. 

Ergonomic Design

All arthritis sufferers need to consider ergonomic design, especially when trying to create a workspace that supports their joints. From sitting in a proper position through to selecting equipment that helps to minimise your strain and discomfort, selecting ergonomic chairs will make it much easier to sit and work for extended periods without aggravating or further inflaming your joints. 

Key things to consider include lumbar support for proper spine alignment, adjustable armrests, and swivel and rolling capabilities. This is crucial if your arthritis is localised – for example, the best chair for lower back arthritis will be one with adequate lower back support, like The Ritz.  

Range of Motion

While arthritis sufferers might be tempted to remain prone, to avoid aggravating their joints, this will aggravate symptoms. Having a good range of motion – or, ensuring your joints retain their flexibility – will reduce the risk of additional sprains, strains, and any other injury.  

By performing stretches and exercises to lengthen and relax your muscles, such as home exercises, you can maintain your range of motion to prevent any stiffness or pain. Alternatively, you can purchase a chair intended to support your motion, such as our Grafton model, which features a 360-degree swivel base. 


Having comfortable furniture is an absolute essential, whether you experience arthritis or suffer from limited mobility. As such, the best living room chair for arthritis is likely to be one of our plush Grosvenor Deluxe chairs, which is not only luxurious, but hosts a plethora of innovative and exciting features such as a reading lamp and USB port. This means you can find the perfect position to reduce your arthritis pain. 

While these chairs are designed to be as comfortable and supportive as possible, always remember to get up and stretch regularly, as sitting too long can aggravate arthritis. 

The Different Types of Chairs for Arthritis Patients

From the ideal chair when in the office space, to a living room chair that adequately supports your joints, selecting the right type of chair is more important than you might think!  

Understanding the different options available can help both arthritis patients and caregivers to make informed decisions when choosing the most suitable furniture for the patient’s requirements. 

Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser recliner chairs work by aiding those with limited mobility, with motorised components that help to ‘rise’ the user or ‘recline’ the user. These units are easily adjusted, with a padded and supportive design, meaning they provide the ultimate comfort to users.  

They additionally often include a range of features, such as remote controls, that make them as innovative and supportive for users in a seated position, as they can complete actions from the comfort of the seat. With lumbar support, ergonomic design and comfortable chair features combined, these seats are highly popular piece of equipment for all arthritis sufferers. 

At Grosvenor, we pride ourselves on providing a full range of riser recliners furniture with various specifications, from the Savoy to the Carlton, to suit all our customer’s mobility needs – making them the perfect living room chair for those with arthritis. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Combining comfort and practicality, an ergonomic office chair is the best chair for any arthritis sufferer to work from. When used in conjunction with equipment that supports joints across the entire spectrum – such as an ergonomic keyboard, mouse, and items like standing desks, you can work in perfect comfort. 

It is important to note that we do not only recommend these chairs for those with arthritis or limited mobility.  

The Benefits of the Best Recliner Chair for Arthritis Patients

As arthritis can make sitting for extended periods of time very painful, selecting the right chair for managing discomfort and ensuring mobility is key to alleviating symptoms. 

Importantly, the right chair can contribute to the overall well-being and comfort of people living with arthritis in two ways.   

Better Posture

The excellent lumbar support offered by the right chair for arthritis patients, such as a riser recliner chair, helps to promote better spinal alignment. This not only reduces pressure on the spine and your joints but can help you naturally start to sit in a position that prevents slouching, encouraging better posture in the long term. 

Reduced Joint & Chronic Pain

Selecting the correct furniture for arthritis patients means proper support for your joints, particularly problem areas such as the knees, hips, and spines. As a result, your body weight is evenly distributed, minimising pain, and reducing the stress placed on joints – dramatically improving your quality of life.  

In addition, the high-quality cushioning provided by chairs designed with mobility in mind, such as The Dorchester, means you can get at cosy as possible while supporting your body. 

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To Conclude

The best recliner chair for arthritis sufferers is entirely dependent on their own needs in addition to the purpose of the chair, such as whether it is for relaxing, or working. This means the best living room chair for arthritis sufferers will have unique features than the best chair for working in – but the two models will share similar features, such as ergonomic design, comfort, and features that encourage range of mobility. 

For complete support, you should also consider adjustable beds, which will further support your joints and bones. Whether you are elderly, or suffer from limited mobility, these beds offer sumptuous comfort without sacrificing aesthetics. 

At Grosvenor Mobility, we understand that searching for the best chairs, including riser recliner chairs for arthritis can be overwhelming for people. Our complete range is resultantly designed to help you find the best furniture for your needs. 

For further information on the perfect chairfor your needs, you can check out our guides.

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Riser Recliner Chairs

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