Why Purchase a Fireside Chair?

Fireside chairs are perfect for the elderly, those with low mobility, or anyone that wants a comfortable armchair in their home. Besides comfort, fireside chairs provide several benefits to users – so let’s look into what a fireside chair can do for you! 

What is a Fireside Chair?

We’ll explain what a fireside chair is before getting into the benefits. These chairs, also known as high-back or wing-back chairs, are supportive armchairs, with high backs and Queen Anne-style legs. This means the feet of the chair have an elegant ‘s’ shape. 

A high-back fireside chair provides the same postural support as a riser recliner chair. Unlike riser recliner chairs, fireside chairs do not recline, but they do still offer superior comfort for you to enjoy. Matching footstools are available from Grosvenor Mobility if you wish to elevate your legs.

These comfortable, supportive armchairs work in any part of the house you wish to sit down and relax in. Now, we can discuss the benefits these chairs provide! 

Improve Posture with a Fireside Chair

The padded wings of a fireside chair provide the support needed for you to relax without slouching. The orthopaedic design of the backrest allows you to sit comfortably, with your neck, head and shoulders all properly supported. This means you don’t have to worry about poor posture when relaxing in a fireside chair, as your upper and lower back will remain supported.

Pain Relief with a Fireside Chair 

While maintaining your posture, fireside chairs will also help to relieve pain. By properly supporting your spine, back pain will be relieved, while elevating your legs on a footstool can moreover help to improve your circulation. 

The supportive, ergonomic structure of the chair will also help to relieve pressure placed on joints, ideal for those who suffer from arthritis

The Fireside Collection

Superior Comfort with a Fireside Chair

As mentioned, high-back fireside chairs will provide superior comfort at home. Padded arms and cushioning throughout allow you to find a comfortable position with ease. Grosvenor Mobility also provides a choice of back and seat cushions to meet your individual needs. This will allow you to tailor the perfect fireside chair, providing comfort like no other chair! 

Independence at Home 

Fireside chairs will also provide you with a sense of independence at home. If you are elderly or suffer from mobility issues, getting in and out of a chair or bed can be difficult. However, with strong arms and a raised cushion seat, fireside chairs are easier to get in and out of without needing support from another person. This makes fireside chairs a great choice for the elderly or those with mobility issues. 

Keep Warm with a Fireside Chair

High-back fireside chairs are perfect for any room in the house, especially a room with a fire! Fireside chairs are designed to lock in heat within the seat, meaning they’ll keep you warm when seated beside a fire. This makes these chairs a great way of keeping warm during the colder months in the year, making the experience of sitting in one extra cosy. 

Try Grosvenor Mobility’s Furniture at Home 

If you’re interested in one of our fireside chairs, riser recliner chairs or adjustable beds, then you can test the waters in our free home trials! We’ll send a specialist to your home with the product of your choice. Our specialist will answer any questions and let you see what the furniture will look like in your home. 

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Riser Recliner Chairs

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