Maintaining Your Riser Recliner Chair: A Guide

Riser recliner chairs are excellent tools for assisting low-mobility or elderly individuals. However, these items of mobility furniture can be an expensive investment. This means preserving their functionality and ensuring their upkeep is essential. Maintenance is especially important if the chair degrading will impact your daily comfort!

Luckily, treating your recliner chair with proper care and attention can prevent a multitude of common issues. This will also allow you to maximise your investment. 

The team at Grosvenor Mobility has put together this guide on the best practices for riser recliner maintenance. This is whether you’re a new owner of one of our products or a long standing customer! 

Why Riser Recliner Maintenance is Key 

Regular maintenance of your chair is more important than you think. This ensures your chair remains durable and comfortable over a long period of time. Whether a manual riser recliner or sofa or an electric riser recliner chair, alwyas address minor issues as they arise. This can help you to avoid costly repairs, or even the need for premature replacement! This is particularly important if you have an electric riser recliner as the electrical components are costly to replace.


Regularly inspecting your riser recline is a great way to expand the lifespan with ease. This can be done by cleaning, checking the elements or servicing any problem areas. Riser recliners often contain complex mechanisms, meaning that if you allow these to degrade over time, they could start to impact other components in the chair, leading the whole unit to decline rapidly. 


Whether a loose spring in the seating of your chair or a jammed mechanism that no longer allows you to extend your legs with ease, riser recliner maintenance is essential to ensure your chair is as comfortable as possible! These units are designed with your comfort in mind, with models such as our Grosvenor Deluxe purposefully designed for ultimate relaxation; so by regularly maintaining your riser recliner, you can ensure its longevity and comfort for years to come. 


Riser recliners aren’t just for relaxing, they also offer independence and are vital tools to support those with low mobility or elderly individuals. This means that if anything goes wrong while lifting or reclining, the user could easily injure themselves. Additionally, a riser recliner chair that is not properly fitted to the user could lead to several issues.. For example, a chair that is too high means your feet won’t touch the floor, which could cause pressure on your back, while a too narrow seat may not only be restrictive and uncomfortable, but could cause sores – which is why all Grosvenor Mobility seats are made to measure

 With your safety always the priority, you should always inform the manufacturer or another relevant individual about issues as soon as they arise. 

How to Choose the Right Riser Recliner Chair  

Selecting the right riser recliner chair is important, whether you need a chair that fits perfectly into the aesthetic of your space or you have specialist needs. This is why we’re proud to offer over 250 materials and colours to Grosvenor customers, in addition to offering our users a free, no-obligation home trial. Our furniture is also specifically made to measure to your exact needs. 

The right riser recliner chair for every individual will vary – which is why we’ve put together a whole guide on the topic. 

Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Riser Recliner Chair 

Keep your riser recliner chair in top shape – it’s much easier than you think. Taking a few minutes out of your week to keep the chair in great shape to ensure longevity for years to come. You can find general information about recliner maintenance below. 

Cleaning Your Riser Recliner Chair 

Proper cleaning is a key component of recliner chair maintenance, helping your unit to look its best, extend its lifespan, and ensure the chair remains as comfortable and functional as possible. 

Fabric Riser Recliner Chairs

There are several great, easy ways to clean a fabric riser recliner chair – just make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions first or inquire about any products you should not use on your chair, as you don’t want to damage the material. Ways you can clean your fabric riser recliner include:

  • Regularly vacuuming your chair using your vacuum’s upholstery attachment, which can remove any dust, crumbs and other debris. Meanwhile, make sure to pay attention to special areas such as crevices, seams and under the cushions where dirt might reside.
  • By adding a mild fabric cleaner or a mixture of water and detergent to a microfibre cloth, you can gently spot clean upholstery. Simply dab away any problem stains. Just make sure to avoid rubbing the area, as this could lead to damage, or the stain spreading.
  • If your chair has experienced a severe stain or needs a deep clean, you may want to invest in a steam cleaner or dedicated products. Just make sure to ask the manufacturer if these are suitable for the material first!
  • Finally, make sure to allow the chair to dry completely before you use it. Always ensure it lies away from direct heat or sunlight, as the material might warp with the combination of dampness and heat. 

Leather Riser Recliner Chairs

The steps to clean your riser recliner are very similar to when cleaning a fabric riser recliner. However you’ll also be able to add in several steps, such as applying leather conditioner to the chair. This will keep the material supple and crack free.

You should moreover always make sure to use cleaners specifically designed for leather. This is because regular fabric cleaners could easily damage the material. 

Does My Riser Recliner Need Professional Maintenance? 

It can be difficult to determine if the problems arising with your recliner chair are a simple fix. Alternatively, they might require the touch of a professional. In any case, we recommend that if you notice a problem, you should reach out to the manufacturer, as your product might be covered by a warranty. 

For example, at Grosvenor, all of our clients products are covered by a full and comprehensive warranty, covering issues such as onsite and offsite repairs, alterations, stain removal and comfort adjustments. We’re not just dedicated to making you as comfortable as possible – we want to make all elements of your life easier! 

To Conclude 

To conclude, maintaining your riser recliner is easier than you might believe. However, it involves a lot more thought than simply giving your chair a wipe down from time to time. It’s vital that you practise regular maintenance, or there could be consequences regarding your health, comfort and safety. 

Lastly, it is important to note that both fabric and leather riser recliner chairs have different needs. For example, leather is more difficult to upkeep and requiring more maintenance, such as regular conditioning of the fabric. 

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Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser Recliner Chairs

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