Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Struggling with back pain when sleeping, or are you keeping your partner up all night snoring? Luckily, adjustable beds can help with both of these problems and offer users several other great benefits. At Grosvenor Mobility, we’re proud to offer an entirely bespoke range of beds, ensuring each mobility aid fits your exact needs. We’ve taken a deep dive into several health benefits of adjustable beds, as below. 

Back Pain Relief

Adjustable beds provide the support and weight distribution needed to relieve back pain. As a result, medical professionals  recommend using these beds for individuals with back pain, as they relieve pressure on the spine, making them effective sleep solutions. 

Unfortunately, sleeping on a traditional, flatbed can cause back pain to flare up, as your body is forced to sleep in restrictive positions. This can, in turn, lead to improper posture, which will then exacerbate back pain. 

Instead, you can relieve lower back pain by using one of our beds to a 45-degree angle, reducing pain and allowing you to fall asleep more easily. You can also raise the foot of the bed to relieve pressure on the spine, which may also help to bring a better night’s rest. 

Alleviating Symptoms of Arthritis

Adjustable mobility beds are also a great aid for arthritis pain relief. The beds are supportive, meaning they can help distribute weight evenly. This in turn reduces the pressure placed on joints. This is particularly important for those with arthritis, who may suffer from achy, stiff joints. 

The flexibility of our beds helps you to find the right position to sleep in, meaning you can alter the positioning of your upper and lower body to suit your needs. 

Heartburn Relief 

Electric beds are also handy for tackling problems with heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. This is because lying down traditionally means gravity won’t aid your digestive system, aggravating symptoms of heartburn, indigestion and other issues. 

Elevating your body 6 to 8 inches when sleeping can help your stomach retain acids. This works to reduce the effects of the niggling pain caused by heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion. 

Improved Circulation

People with low mobility may struggle with circulation and swelling problems. Raising your legs with the help of a reclining bed improves and reduces swelling, helping you to prevent or combat issues such as varicose veins. 

Raising your legs is comfortable and will help improve your overall health through improved circulation, in addition to helping you stay more comfortable. 

Independence at Home 

One of the greatest benefits of riser recliner beds is the independence it will bring to your life. Getting in and out of a horizontal bed can be challenging for those with low mobility, often requiring the help of a carer. 

With statistics showing that the number of unpaid carers in the UK working 20-49 hours a week has risen by 0.4% since 2011, help might not always be available. This means many individuals with low mobility might require a level of independence, which adjustable beds can help with. 

How do adjustable beds support independence? Their rise and recline functions allow you to get in and out of bed very easily – without assistance. For example, the power to raise separate parts of the bed means you can start by raising your torso, making it easier to swing your legs out of bed to stand. As a result, these functions are a huge asset in making independent life more manageable for a person with mobility issues. 

Reduced Snoring 

If you are a snorer, an electric bed could greatly benefit your partner! This is because lying on a flatbed can restrict the flow of air in your lungs, causing you to snore. Luckily, elevating your upper body helps to increase airflow, reduce snoring. 

Quieter or less consistent snoring means less waking up during the night and might have several other benefits, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and helping to manage your weight. Plus, your partner can enjoy a quieter and more restful night lying next to you… all thanks to the adjustable bed. 

Insomnia Relief with Adjustable Beds

Electric beds are ideal for people who struggle to get to sleep as they offer a complete range of sleeping positions. This flexibility means you can reduce your chances of waking up in the night.  

Peace of Mind with Adjustable Beds

If you enjoy reading or watching TV in bed, you may worry about your positioning and posture when doing so. 

Sitting propped up on pillows in a regular bed can strain your neck and lead to poor posture. However, by raising your upper body using an adjustable model, you’re able to sit in a more ergonomic position, allowing you to enjoy your activities in a comfortable, healthy position. You can also invest in a riser recliner chair to sit back and relax in front of the TV. 


Luxury pocket sprung adjustable bed mattress

Adjustable Beds Available at Grosvenor Mobility

Grosvenor Mobility offers a range of high-quality and bespoke recliner beds. Products are made from the highest quality materials, covered by our five-year warranty. Grosvenor’s core aim is to provide comfort, support and independence to our customers.

With a large range of materials, sizes, mattress options and accessories to choose from, Grosvenor’s adjustable beds are created to suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in a simple, classic-styled bed like The Nightingale or a flashier option such as The Wren, there’s something for everyone. 

Free Home Trials With Grosvenor Mobility

We are also proud to provide a free home trial of our latest rise and recliner chairs and mobility beds in the comfort of your own home – meaning you can experience the health benefits of adjustable beds without leaving your front door! 

Our free home trial will bring a specialist to your home to answer any questions you may have. You’ll also get to see what one of the riser recliner chairs or electric beds will look like in your home. 

Get in touch with Grosvenor Mobility today to book your trial, or to ask any questions you may have about the health benefits of adjustable beds. 

Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser Recliner Chairs

At Grosvenor Mobility, your comfort is our priority. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to be able to relax in complete comfort independently in their home. It’s why we proudly supply only the highest quality Rise and Recline Chairs and Adjustable Beds to aid you in your home.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds

The bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s your place to rest, unwind and totally relax. But to do so, you need the perfect adjustable bed; comfortable and luxurious. At Grosvenor Mobility our range of electric mobility recliner beds do just that. Featuring easy-to-use handsets that operate our ultra-quiet motors allowing you complete control at the touch of a button.