Mobility Furniture: A Guide

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Choosing the right mobility furniture is essential to support low-mobility or elderly individuals with their health. These products enhance their quality of life and comfort. Whether you need an adjustable bed or riser recliner chairs, Grosvenor Mobility retails furniture pivotal in providing independence to all of our customers! 

Plus, with all of our furniture made-to-measure, we make sure all users receive the best mobility chairs and beds available. They also bring a reduced risk for injury and sores, with comfort essential to each of our pieces of mobility furniture. 

What Is Mobility Furniture?

Mobility furniture is specifically designed to aid those with mobility challenges. These products are designed to improve comfort, mobility, and quality of life. They give individuals the ability to quickly and easily adjust their position, thus alleviating joint pressure. They additionally are designed to allow individuals to shift from a horizontal to vertical position. This transition ensures as little pain and trouble as possible, which is how they allow individuals to benefit from increased independence. 

As such, mobility furniture is not just designed to be functional! It is also designed to completely transform the lives of users, turning their homes into comfortable and accessible environments. Two of the main ‘types’ of mobility furniture are riser recliner chairs and adjustable beds. These can help users to relax in their downtime or go to sleep in a more comfortable and supportive manner. 

Adjustable Bed

So, what actually is an adjustable bed? These differ from ‘normal’ beds in that they are not static. Instead, these beds have ‘hinges’ in the frame. This means that different parts of the bed can move, whether you need your feet or head elevated. As such, these beds are a great asset in ‘customising’ your sleeping position. This means a better night’s sleep, finding the perfect angle for reading, or even watching TV free from the discomfort of conditions such as arthritis.

These beds cost more than your traditional bed. However, the vast amount of benefits they offer, and their lifespan, make them an excellent investment. You can moreover customise them to have several features, such as grab rails and drawers. Alternatively, you can even install a massage feature!

Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser recliners are a lot more than just a chair. They transform comfort and mobility, making relaxing in your home the ultimate breeze. Using electronic motors, these chairs can assist you with standing up and sitting down. You can also recline forward or backward, depending on your mobility needs. As a result, these chairs are the perfect way to unwind, whether you’re reading a book or watching tv. Whether you want our flagship chair, the Grosvenor, or a riser recliner chair with sleek and modern aesthetics, there’s an option for everyone. 

Just make sure to practise using your chair at first, as the sensation of reclining back can feel ‘uncomfortable’ or awkward at first. Moreover, you should always ensure that you purchase a made-to-measure chair, like those Grosvenor offers. This is because any chair not built to your specific needs could lead to issues, ranging from sores through to exacerbating joint pain. 

Who Needs Mobility Furniture? 

Individuals of all needs and lifestyles can use mobility furniture, designed for versatile use. Users who often require this furniture are those with mobility challenges. This may be due to their age, a health condition, temporary impairment or any other ailment that relates to joints and pain. 

As such, many sufferers from arthritis might find mobility furniture transformative. The furniture plays a crucial role in helping individuals relax, achieve greater independence in moving around their home or prioritise health. Plus, failure to use these chairs (or improper furniture!) could lead to an increased risk of injury. 

For elderly individuals in particular, who may have weaker bones, mobility furniture may be a fundamental part of maintaining independence. This is instead of requiring a caregiver or another individual to help them travel around their home. As mobility naturally decreases with age, adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs are a great way to mitigate any risk of falls. They can also improve sleep quality and provide relief from aches and pains, allowing seniors to maintain dignity, comfort and autonomy. 

People suffering from low mobility and conditions such as arthritis, injuries to their backs or legs, or physical difficulties may find relief using mobility furniture. This is particularly relevant in the case of motorised mobility furniture. This enables any individual with limited strength or balance to change position with complete ease, and without assistance. As such, mobility furniture can also be a huge asset to those nearing end-of-life care. This is because they may be too weak to reposition themselves, meaning adjustable beds and riser recliners can allow them greater quality of life. 

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Benefits Of Mobility Furniture, Whether an Adjustable Bed or Riser Recliner

As mobility furniture is specifically designed to address the challenges of low mobility and ageing, it provides a huge range of benefits for relevant individuals! As discussed above, these beds can protect users’ health by allowing them to change position with ease, transform their quality of life and improve their sleep. They even enable couples to sleep better by allowing them to rest in their position of choice. 

Health Benefits

One of the most popular benefits associated with mobility furniture is products can actually improve the health of individuals using products. For example, adjustable beds can be positioned to ensure pressure is reduced on certain areas of the body. This could not only alleviate pain and support better posture, but reduce the risk of problems such as bed sores. 

In addition, the ability to change positions quickly and with ease can help promote better circulation and reduce swelling in the feet. Meanwhile, the ability to elevate the head of the bed can also relieve symptoms of problems like sleep apnea. 

Better Movement

Riser recliner chairs are life changing for individuals who struggle to get to their feet. This is whether because they are too weak or due to impairment to their balance. Electric riser recliner chairs are capable of gently lifting a user to their feet, while an adjustable bed can move you to a position where it is easier to rise. As a result, individuals have a reduced risk of falling due to being unstable on their feet. 


Mobility furniture is great asset in promoting independence. It can be frustrating relying on others every time you need to sit down or stand up. Luckily, these chairs facilitate this movement with the click of a button, while offering profound comfort. They’re also available in a whole range of aesthetics and with a multitude of features. This means they can suit any home. They are also designed to meet all of your needs perfectly, with more detail on both adjustable beds and riser recliner chairs below. 

Why Use an Adjustable Bed or Riser Recliner

 Mobility furniture – whether an adjustable bed or a riser recliner – enhances the quality of life for individuals with mobility challenges, or a senior individual. These pieces of furniture are much more than functional. They can vastly improve the lives of anyone using them, whether via comfort or providing some extra autonomy. 

To learn more about mobility furniture, you can browse the full range of products retailed by Grosvenor. In addition, you can even select from 250 different fabrics and leathers. Our range ensures you get a product that only works great, but looks great in your home too. 

Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser Recliner Chairs

At Grosvenor Mobility, your comfort is our priority. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to be able to relax in complete comfort independently in their home. It’s why we proudly supply only the highest quality Rise and Recline Chairs and Adjustable Beds to aid you in your home.

Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds

The bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s your place to rest, unwind and totally relax. But to do so, you need the perfect adjustable bed; comfortable and luxurious. At Grosvenor Mobility our range of electric mobility recliner beds do just that. Featuring easy-to-use handsets that operate our ultra-quiet motors allowing you complete control at the touch of a button.